Kellen and Chris - Farmer and Frenchman Wedding

I love a good love story, and Kellen and Chris have a Nicolas Sparks-worthy one. Getting to work with them was a dream! Kellen was so enthusiastic about stationery that it made my little paper heart almost explode. Not only did she have a unique vision for her invites (making my job super easy), but she was also my biggest cheerleader through the whole thing.

Her invites were a mix of traditional with a small modern flair. Smooth white card stock with florals and block lettering, plus shimmer lavender envelopes to tie it all together. When the time came for “day-of” items she mentioned needing programs, a seating chart and a bar sign. But, a couple of weeks before the wedding she asked if it was possible to make a signature drink sign with her cats. To be honest I was a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to do it justice. Guys, these cats are her babies… we actually had an entire nights worth of texting back and forth about them so they had to be perfect. As much as I LOVE her invitations, the signature drink sign with the cat portraits will go down as my favorite project in 7 years of business.

Wishing the two of you all the best as you take on this new chapter in your lives. You, Lola and Stella have carved a special place in my heart.

Photography courtesy of Bret & Brandie Photography

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Bret and Brandie Photography
VENUE & CATERER: Farmer and Frenchman
FLORIST: It Can Be Arranged
DRESSES: House of White Anne Barge

Eric and Tinsley 2018

For those of you that don’t know, I used to dance… from 3 years old through college. (You can still occasionally find me dancing in front of a mirror when I think no one is watching.) I met Tinsley back in college on our little Division II Dance team. She was going to school for nursing, and I was an art major on the complete opposite side of campus. We seriously would have never met had it not been for dance! Getting to watch her grow into this superhero of a woman after college has been so cool, and I am so proud to say I know this beautiful woman!

Tinsley and Eric live all the way out in San Diego, California now, but they were married in Tennessee at The Barn at Allenbrooke Farms. If you haven’t seen this wedding venue go check it out! It’s gorgeous! It’s an all-in-one venue so they were married in a gorgeous outside area and then moved into the barn for the reception. For the wedding invitations, Tinsley wanted twinkle lights and neutral tones with a pop of navy. We chose to use smooth white paper and her subtle color palette adding in floral elements and the lights across the top of each piece. The text is printed in navy to perfectly match the navy envelopes. I absolutely love the delicate mix of rustic elegance in this suite!

Check out more of the photos from Eric and Tinsley’s wedding below. Taken by the fabulous CK Photo

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Cody and Megan 2018

I get a lot of requests for unique stationery. But Megan and Cody have won my little stationery heart with all the details they came up with. I’m so happy I was able to be a tiny part of their beautiful day.

When we first discussed the direction they wanted to go with their wedding, Harry Potter was mentioned immediately (within the first sentence). And if I’m being completely honest, I was a little worried. This is not something you typically get asked to design around for a wedding. Plus, I had only read the first book way back in 6th grade English class so I was a little rusty on my Harry Potter Trivia. Once I realized this was really happening I immediately borrowed the entire collection of Harry Potter movies from a friend and spent an entire Saturday binge watching it all. I’m hooked guys! I’m slightly embarrassed to even admit that I hadn’t seen them, but now I am ready for anyone else that may come along needing a little Harry Potter wedding inspiration.


Matte gold foil was used on the invitation in combination with navy ink printed on felt textured 120lb ivory card stock. Navy envelopes addressed with gold pointed pen calligraphy held everything together. The bottom of the invitation itself was burned. Almost like it had been scorched by a Hungarian Horntail. We also added a small quote from Dumbledore to the backside of the details card.

evansville indiana wedding signage

I also helped with a few additional items like mirror signage for the ceremony, signature drinks and a photo booth. The mirrors were provided by the couple and i wrote on them in white ink. I wasn’t kidding when I said every detail was thought of. Sometimes a theme can be overwhelming, but Cody and Megan managed to create the perfect day with subtle nods to all the things important to them making their love story come to life. I’ve included a few photos from their wedding taken by the fabulous Rachel Mathew Photography. Go check out her Facebook to see more.

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Sending RSVPs

A crucial part of any wedding is knowing how many guests will be attending. Here are a few suggestions to help make getting those responses a walk in the park.

INCLUDE STAMPS - Trust me, I understand trying to save money, but make sure to budget for stamps on your RSVP's. Not everyone has stamps lying around on a regular basis. Heck, I design snail mail for a living and rarely have them. Including a stamp on your response envelope is a must in my opinion. 

GIVE OPTIONS - It may seem like a no brainer that a guest would respond when they have a pre addressed RSVP with a stamp already on it, but you'd be surprised. An easy fix for this problem is to include a wedding website to RSVP on or list a custom email address. You can set up an email specifically for your wedding using a free source like Gmail or Yahoo (doing it separate from your personal email will help keep everything "wedding" in order). Giving your guests options definitely helps cut down the number of phone calls later on.

NUMBER ATTENDING - Requesting the number attending isn't a must, but it does help you finalize your head count a little easier. If you aren't solely inviting couples to your wedding consider adding a place to list the "number attending." Or if you get a discount on dinners for children, you could add a place for "children attending." 

TIMING - There is a special balance on timing for getting RSVP's returned. Give a guest too much time and they may push that response card to the side and completely forget. Don't give them enough and they can't come because they're busy already. My suggested time frame for sending out invitations is 8-10 weeks in advance. Most wedding vendors need a head count of guests about two weeks prior to the wedding date, so having an RSVP deadline of 3-4 weeks prior gives you ample time to hunt down those stragglers and get your seating charts ready. 

Basically you want to cover all your bases in the beginning to make sure the time spent leading up to your wedding day is as stress free as possible. When meeting with my couples, I make sure to go over all the little details that come with such a simple piece of the invitation puzzle.