That's the Ticket! (10 days to Spring)

I remember when I was five my mom threw me a birthday party at the zoo. Cupcakes, balloons, even a little snake holding! Obviously I had other birthday parties leading up to this moment, but this was my first "invite" birthday where the guests weren't just my family, but some were even my friends. Back in the day you would pick a cute invite, fill in the blanks and maybe get some napkins and plates to match it so you could convince yourself there was a theme you were following. 

There is a whole new level to party throwing nowadays, thanks to Pinterest! I've gotten more and more requests for birthday party invitations and each one has its own inspiration. Recently I completed one of my favorites so far. A two year old "first class" train ride ticket to what is destined to be an awesome birthday party! We used a blue and red combo for the design and then carried it all the way through to the personalized envelopes. They turned out so perfect that I started to get a little jealous.


10 Days to Spring
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