12 days to Spring

Most people have a 12 day countdown before Christmas... but I enjoy the 12 day countdown to the first day of Spring!

I don't know how much longer I can stand this cold weather. All these random blizzards throughout the Midwest have really thrown off my business shipments.

I've started to wonder if I may be responsible for the frozen atmospheric water vapor. I tend to dramatize things... but I am not joking when I say that every time I place an order for paper or envelopes a foot of snow is dumped on whoever is shipping it. Which has caused some slight delays in my orders.

On a positive note, Phil the ground hog may have been right about spring coming early because this weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Might even be nice enough to open the windows for a few hours and whisk away the stale winter air inside the house. Spring is definitely my favorite time of year. Warmer days and cardigan sweater evenings. Plants begin to come out of hibernation and the grass gets greener and greener every day. Best of all, love is in the air... and May weddings are right around the corner!

I'm getting anxious just thinking about it!
So in honor of the "12 days to Spring" I will attempt a blog post

Todays Weather*
High 50
Low 34
Chance of Rain 0%

* I do realize the odds of it being significantly warmer in 12 days are
slim, but I am adding the weather data for effect.