Can you feel it?

The best part about mailed invitations is that they are real, they are personal. The whole experience of getting something addressed to you individually is amazing and underrated... opening the seal of an envelope, running your hand over the textured paper, feeling the silkiness of the satin ribbons, and the most magical moment when it is placed under a magnet on your refrigerator. I may get a little carried away, but isn't that kind of how it feels? 

Anyone opening their mailbox to find something other than junk mail or bills gets excited, and it is not the same excitement as opening your e-mail. Because, at the top of that e-vite is a list of all the people it was sent to, or worse... you were blind copied! Is it really that personal to paste a contact list into an email? Or do you feel a little more special when that person knows where you live and took time to address one envelope just for you? 

I digress... My point was that this was one of my most challenging invitations to make because I wanted the experience of getting it to be special. I have seen the use of lace as an image on invitations before, but to me that's just teasing you. You go to touch it and it isn't real... you actually knew it wasn't real and you still touched it. (don't feel bad it happens to all of us)  I wanted to make an invite that used real lace. Something you could touch and feel. So what better time to use lace than on a bachelorette party invite!? All of her friends knew the date and had already set aside time to go on this adventure, but I think sending the invite is a pleasant surprise for each guest. Plus they are just too cute!