Sunflowers and Burlap

I love getting brides that trust me to try something new. They come to meet me and I have nothing like what I'm thinking to show them, but they still trust me. It kind of blows my mind. But every time those end up being the coolest invitations. Totally unique and different, and this one definitely falls into that category.

For this outdoor cattle farm wedding, the invite was going to embrace burlap in a different way than I normally do. Usually I only have a backer behind the invite to thicken it up and add color, but instead I used burlap on top of Kraft paper. It was a bigger challenge than I thought it would be to get everything to stay together. We also made sure not to get too fancy with fonts and formal wording because the guests were urged to wear comfy clothing. Directions, attire and the registry were all included on a matching information card. Everything was stuffed into thick Kraft envelopes that pushed the country farm theme even further. I've always thought farm weddings were such a cool way to celebrate. 

sunflower wedding invite burlap
sunflower wedding invite burlap
sunflower wedding invite burlap

Congrats to this happy couple! They're just too adorable!

Photography from  Limelight Photography

Photography from Limelight Photography