How to make a simple apron.

 I had to find something to do inside, since summer finally decided to show up this week with 90+ degree weather and more Midwest humidity than my body was ready for. Usually my weekends consist of alternating crafty projects with something I have to do. So this weekend is a cleaning weekend.

In an effort to clean the kitchen, I needed some motivation. Something that could make standing at the sink hand washing two weeks worth of dishes fun (yes I hate dishes). I decided that having a cute apron to wear while I washed was my only hope. Nothing too complicated that would make another mess to clean though!

I've seen some amazing aprons online and in stores, but mine doesn't need to be flashy, it just needs to keep my pants from looking like I peed in them. Those that know me well can confirm that peeing my pants happens occasionally. Yes I'll admit I laugh too hard sometimes. A lot.

Anyways... Here's how to make a simple apron with whatever material you have lying around. Have an old table cloth that you can't get a red wine stain out of but can't throw it away? This may be the perfect way to keep it in the kitchen!


What you need: 

one yard of material

all purpose thread

sewing machine




First start by ironing the fabric so there aren't any wrinkles. I use an iron non stop throughout any sewing project to keep things straight.

Figure out how wide the top needs to be compared to the bottom. I made mine wider at the bottom and skinnier at the top. I also used two pieces so it could be reversible. If you fold the material in half you can cut half of the apron then open up so both sides are the same. Then just sew those two pieces together with the rightsides faces one another and leaving the top open. I usually sew about a half inch from the edge.


Flip the apron rightside out so you can't see your seam. Iron the edges so it's nice and flat and then make another stitch around the edge, still leaving the top open. This will ensure it keeps it's shape. Now you're ready to start on the waistband.

Use a rectangle piece a little wider than the top of your apron. Make sure it's twice the height you want the waistband to be because you're going to fold it in half. Use an iron to get it into shape. You can leave the edges raw or fold them under like I have.


Run a stitch to attach it to the top of your apron.

Pick the material you'd like for the tie and cut two long rectangles of it. Make sure they aren't wider than the band you are binding them to. Mine were a little under 2 inches wide and about 30 inches long so I could tie a nice bow. Sew the edges leaving the ends open and flip rightside out. Then attach to the waistband with a stitch on the sewing machine.


And that's it! You can add pockets or any other embellishments after you're done.  I kept it simple since this is just for washing dishes. 

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