Coral and Spearmint - Kasey and Jake

I have known this couple for a while now. They were a grade below me growing up in Evansville, Indiana. Kasey is one of those faces you don't forget because she is just absolutely beautiful and her now husband, Jake, is one of the funniest people to talk to. I don't really know their love story and how it all started, but I can say with confidence they have known each other a long time!

By simplifying the needed details from a traditional wedding invitation the couple was able to save money while still getting something beautiful. The invitation itself takes on a formal appearance with script names and a delicate floral design. All the reception and response details are on a small information card. The information card is double sided so the back side answers any accommodation and registry questions a guest might have. The same floral design used on the invitation is subtly reversed from the solid coral background of the extra card. I love mixing up the items so everything matches while still holding true to the color scheme being used. It adds a visual depth to the entire invitation suite and creates interest when it's all laid out in front of you.

The spearmint envelopes are a nice contrast to the coral being used throughout the other pieces. Since I'm obviously a snail mail advocate, making the envelope anything other than white almost guarantees it'll be the first thing opened when checking the mail.