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Inside a snow globe!

Over the holidays I tried to take a small break from anything involving work. I watched Hallmark movies, I did a lot of window shopping (with the exception of a new gorgeous leather bag), and ate enough snacks and treats that I was able to skip lunch and dinner most days. I still had a few consultations with newly engaged ladies since they were only in town for the holidays. But other than that, It was basically all about me. 

A friend of mine got married at the end of the holiday break, which was the perfect start to a new year. I have never heard her talk about anything other than a winter wedding, and if she would have waited 24 more hours, it would have been an ice age wedding (the temperature dropped to negative 4 the next night). Luckily, her day turned out to have the perfect amount of chill in the air. A crisp 40 degrees, with a tiny dusting of snow.

I never heard her mention a specific theme she was following, but it felt like a fancy snow globe. Purple, silver and black were incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception. White branches suspended from the ceiling had crystal snowflakes hanging from the limbs. Tiny white owls sat on a branch and watched over the wedding party and cake table. Marshmallows were suspended from fishing line, like falling snow, above a table serving hot chocolate with any topping you could imagine. Black table cloths covered each table, and purple fabric was draped across the ceiling. It was pretty magical, and all done by the bride herself.


I had the honor of making her invitations and programs. The invitation suite was printed on smooth white paper and backed by shimmering purple card stock, with small snowflake details added throughout. Sparkling silver ribbon held the invitation and extra details together inside a metallic silver envelope. And all the envelopes were addressed to match the typography used throughout the suite. Take a look!


I am happy to call this charming couple friends of mine. Now i just have to get used to calling her by her new name! Congrats Jessi and Brian!

Video frame grab courtesy of Cheeseface Productions

Video frame grab courtesy of Cheeseface Productions