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Cheers to many more years!

I am always learning new things and finding new ideas to offer. I've recently been working on some fancy stuff for next year and it's pretty exciting. It's always good to look ahead, but before I do I wanted to take a moment to remember where I was a year ago...

I love working with brides in my area, but for a while I was only working with friends. When I was first getting started it was hard to get my name out there. On top of that, getting people to trust you enough to make their invitations seemed impossible! You don't have a lot of examples to show if you've only done three weddings. It takes a patient and caring person to believe in you enough to say "Okay, I trust you to make my invitations!"


Amanda was my first bride that I hadn't met before. At the time I was trying to get things going and decided to have the amazing photographer Rachel Mathew take photographs of my invitations for a website I was trying to make. Amanda had hired Rachel for her engagment/ wedding photography and had seen Rachel post them on her Facebook page, so she contacted me. We met one afternoon and went over all her details. Lucky for me, she was looking for exactly what I could offer, individually hand-made (with love) invitations.

She just recently celebrated her one year anniversary, so what better time to make a post in her honor!

Her fall wedding was in New Harmony, Indiana and the theme was what I like to call "French Country" with burlap, lace, eggplant purple and Granny Smith apple green. The location alone is enough to warm your heart, but she took it even further with all the special touches. Wooden direction signs and adorable handmade cake toppers are only a few of the added details that made this wedding so sweet.

The invitation was printed on ivory paper with a apple green linen textured backing. A small green ribbon was wrapped around the middle to hold all the pieces together inside of a deep purple envelope.

I truly love the relationships I am able to build with all of my clients, but I hate to call them clients or customers. These women become my friends and I get to follow their lives as their new family grows. Many of them become my biggest fans and my support system... my cheerleaders. Amanda could not have been any greater to work with, and I can't thank her enough for being one of the first brides to take a chance on me and her continued support to this day. So Happy One Year Anniversary to this adorable couple, and cheers to many more years!

Here's a handful of the beautiful photos from their wedding day. Photography by the fabulous Rachel Mathew!


A Beautiful Bridal Shower

It seems like chevron stripes have taken over the world. But I can't complain... I love simple graphic patterns that seem to go with anything! This invite took on a very elegant feel through the use of layered paper, pink satin ribbon, and chevron stripes. The final product was perfect for a bridal shower.


Matching light pink linen textured envelopes wrapped up the beautiful invitation. Some like to argue that printing your addresses on envelopes isn't personal enough. However, I think matching the addresses with the same font used on the invitation really pulls it all together. There's a big difference between a small printed sticker in a plain typeface slapped on the front and a well thought out printed address. So why risk getting a hand cramp trying to become a professional calligrapher for one party when I can take your typed listed of addresses and match them seamlessly to your invitation? Seems like a no brainer! If you cant afford a professional calligrapher then this is definitely the next best option.