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A Beautiful Bridal Shower

It seems like chevron stripes have taken over the world. But I can't complain... I love simple graphic patterns that seem to go with anything! This invite took on a very elegant feel through the use of layered paper, pink satin ribbon, and chevron stripes. The final product was perfect for a bridal shower.


Matching light pink linen textured envelopes wrapped up the beautiful invitation. Some like to argue that printing your addresses on envelopes isn't personal enough. However, I think matching the addresses with the same font used on the invitation really pulls it all together. There's a big difference between a small printed sticker in a plain typeface slapped on the front and a well thought out printed address. So why risk getting a hand cramp trying to become a professional calligrapher for one party when I can take your typed listed of addresses and match them seamlessly to your invitation? Seems like a no brainer! If you cant afford a professional calligrapher then this is definitely the next best option.