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Sending RSVPs

A crucial part of any wedding is knowing how many guests will be attending. Here are a few suggestions to help make getting those responses a walk in the park.

INCLUDE STAMPS - Trust me, I understand trying to save money, but make sure to budget for stamps on your RSVP's. Not everyone has stamps lying around on a regular basis. Heck, I design snail mail for a living and rarely have them. Including a stamp on your response envelope is a must in my opinion. 

GIVE OPTIONS - It may seem like a no brainer that a guest would respond when they have a pre addressed RSVP with a stamp already on it, but you'd be surprised. An easy fix for this problem is to include a wedding website to RSVP on or list a custom email address. You can set up an email specifically for your wedding using a free source like Gmail or Yahoo (doing it separate from your personal email will help keep everything "wedding" in order). Giving your guests options definitely helps cut down the number of phone calls later on.

NUMBER ATTENDING - Requesting the number attending isn't a must, but it does help you finalize your head count a little easier. If you aren't solely inviting couples to your wedding consider adding a place to list the "number attending." Or if you get a discount on dinners for children, you could add a place for "children attending." 

TIMING - There is a special balance on timing for getting RSVP's returned. Give a guest too much time and they may push that response card to the side and completely forget. Don't give them enough and they can't come because they're busy already. My suggested time frame for sending out invitations is 8-10 weeks in advance. Most wedding vendors need a head count of guests about two weeks prior to the wedding date, so having an RSVP deadline of 3-4 weeks prior gives you ample time to hunt down those stragglers and get your seating charts ready. 

Basically you want to cover all your bases in the beginning to make sure the time spent leading up to your wedding day is as stress free as possible. When meeting with my couples, I make sure to go over all the little details that come with such a simple piece of the invitation puzzle. 

Floral Pastels - Lindsey and Mason

I have known Lindsey Fay for what might as well be my entire life! I have watched her gracefully grow over the years into a mature, grounded and selfless human being. When she smiles you can't help but smile back, it's infectious! Also, she might be the best storyteller I know - she has this perfect way of laughing while she tells you something funny, it's so contagious you'll find yourself laughing too. She's just someone you want to be near, and you feel good being around her. It makes me so happy to know she has found her soulmate. Isn't that what we are all searching for?

Getting to have a small part in their big day by designing the wedding invitations was an honor. The colors she was using for the wedding were so easy to work with. Each invitation had script names and floral accents on the corners. Those same floral accents were used on the RSVP postcard, and then a watercolor wash was used on the information card to break things up a bit. Inside the envelope, we used a subtle wood grain white liner that contrasted nicely with the off-white envelopes. And to top it all off, custom guest and return addressing to match! 

Their wedding day was absolutely magical from start to finish. I listed a few of the wedding details at the end of this post. 

CEREMONY VENUE - St. Anthony's Church
RECEPTION - Angel Mounds State Historic Site
EVENT PLANNING - City Social Events 
WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - Rachel Mathew Photography 
FLORIST - Petal and Pine
LOCATION - Evansville, Indiana

Cream and Blush - Laura & Joshua

I love the simplicity of cream and blush together. I realize that neutrals are a wedding trend, but I really hope it doesn't go away. Something about the mix of cream and white with a touch of any pastel is just timeless to me. When Laura first came to me needing invitations she already had her mind set on a lot of different aspects of her wedding. Most brides still haven't figured out the finer details when I meet them in the beginning, but she had it all! Once she started giving me her vision of the big day, I could tell we had similar taste. 

We settled on a creamy script font for the first names of the bride and groom across the top, and the event details are listed in a charcoal grey serif font centered below. The invite itself is attached to a light blush pink backer that sticks out around the edges. This gives depth to the invitation, but also adds additional thickness and luxury.


The invitation suite had 4 pieces total: Invite, Response card, Details card, and Registry card.
A quickly disappearing item is the RSVP envelope, this set included one in a matching khaki color to the outside envelope. The details card had event addresses with a small map on the backside to help aid in any confusion on the trek across town. And the registry card was about the size of a business card which was a clean way to add the information for any inquiring guest. 

Megan Butto Photography

Megan Butto Photography


What are your thoughts on neutral weddings?

Megan Butto Photography

Megan Butto Photography

Vintage Ivory - Emily and Robert

Emily and Robert were living in Arizona when we started planning their wedding invitations. We did a couple of video chats and lots of texting and phone conversations to get this invitation right. It was the first time I had to communicate long distance with a couple. Looking back, it was an exciting experience and I just love how these turned out. This design may look familiar to anyone that follows my work. That's because it has taken on a lot of different looks over the years. 

The look is a modern twist on the 20's era. Who doesn't love everything about that time period? By using textured ivory super thick card stock and layering a burgundy backer we ended up with something pretty incredible to hold. The response card and information card were simple enough to get the job done, but not distract or make the entire suite overwhelming with design. 

And those shimmer envelopes with the liners! I could go on for days about how gorgeous they are. The photos really don't do them justice. They are made with a quartz paper that has this faint shimmer. The liners are made with the same shimmer stock, but have a light grey almost lavender damask print. In the end, the entire suite has a nice flow to it without being too "matchy-matchy." When I meet with new couples it is definitely one of the first invitations I pull out to show off.