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Glitter and Cupcakes

I am unsure why designing birthday invitations for little girls makes me so happy. Maybe it's the oversized bows in their hair or the ruffles on every piece of their clothing. Or maybe it's the fact that I was never that kind of little girl and I am having regrets in my late twenties for wasting the opportunity. Either way, there is something about pulling together a birthday invite for an adorable little girl that is so much fun.

For each design I make a list of "needs" that must be incorporated - usually the 4W's (who/what/when/where). I'll also make a list of the clients "wants" - which are things like colors, images or size.

I got this idea while watching an episode of "Love it or List it" on HGTV. Well, it was technically a marathon of "Love it or List it"... but who's keeping track? They basically sit down and ask each client their needs and wants, and then try to compromise the list so they end up with something fabulous in the end. This typically means the couple wont be getting a new bathroom so they can instead buy some ridiculously over-priced sink, or the time just doesn't allow it because the wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant and they need the renovation done in 2 weeks. All of these steps can be applied to my creative process, and honestly I like having some boundaries. In the end you feel even more creative/wonderful because you figured out how to make something gorgeous with a small budget, or you were able to get everything done in an unrealistic time frame.

This invitation was different. The needs were simple, just the 4W's. She had one "want" and that was to follow a cupcake theme. I wrote everything down and just sat and wondered what to do. For once I have no direction or boundaries. The sky is the limit! But this can backfire, because even with all the freedom in the world you can hold yourself back. So for the first time I wrote down my "wants".

A big Cupcake (with a cherry of course)
Pink everywhere
White space
Interesting typography
A cute phrase
Pink envelopes
And sparkle!

The end result turned out fabulously adorable! Bold and fresh typography mixed with a few small details works every time. Each cupcake had pink glitter frosting and the matching pink envelopes will make them stand out in the mailbox.

After seeing all the "pinning" on Lucy's moms Pinterest board I have a feeling this was quite the bash! Everything from Pizza to Mac-n-Cheese will be done cupcake style. Plus all the little ones will get the chance to decorate their own cupcakes. Such a cute birthday party theme for an even cuter little cupcake!