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Ribbons and Lace

     I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for someone to come in and ask for lace on their wedding invitations. I would subtlely ask each client if their dress had lace on it or if they wanted to incorporate that into their invitations in any way... But most people just changed the topic. Then magically, when I had almost given up, a new client comes to her consultation with a phone filled with lace invitation ideas and photos! I didn't even have to ask! To say I have been counting down the days for the chance to post the photos might seem dramatic... But I have been!

     Ashley and Jeffrey were married on probably the best day of the year. When I woke up that morning and looked outside it put a smile on my face. After two full days of rain and cloudy skies, the sun was finally out and it was a perfect breezy 75 degrees. I was happy knowing she had one less thing to worry about. Not that she would ever worry, she kept her cool all the way through her engagement. Ashley was a true joy to work with and one of my favorite clients. After working together designing her wedding invitations, programs, bridal shower invite and an adorable slideshow, it's hard to call her a client. She's a new friend. 

     Their wedding colors were mainly black and ivory with pops of bold accents. Deep purple, magenta and orange filled the bouquets and center pieces. We kept the invitation simple, it was printed on textured ivory paper layered on smooth ebony cardstock. The matching RSVP was on the same textured paper with an ivory addressed envelope. All of the details were wrapped up in beautiful cream lace with a black satin ribbon and placed inside a shimmering hazelnut inner envelope. For the final touch, the double envelopes were personally addressed to match the script font used throughout the suite.



     The program was printed on heavy card stock and folded longways. The inside left listed the ceremony order while the right side held the wedding party names. The backside was a personalized letter written to the parents, family and friends. They also included a remembrance section to give appreciation to those that could only be there in spirit. 


So here's a big CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff and Ashley!

Photo by Stephanie Ulrich

Photo by Stephanie Ulrich

Time to get started...

The average engagement is one year, which seems like all the time in the world to plan. My best  advice is to have a solid guest list and set a budget from the beginning. These two things need to be known and followed at all times. Without a guest list or budget you wont be able to pick a venue, order food, or plan seating. I feel that everything falls around how many people will be there and how much money you are able to spend. So don't underestimate their importance. 

But when do you start your invite planning? You can start as soon as you know these five things.

  • Ceremony and Reception Venues
  • Time
  • Date
  • Guest Total
  • Guest Addresses

Most of these things you will know from the beginning of your wedding planning, It's that last little bit that people forget. And in a time where address books are on your cell phone, you might be realizing that you don't have many mailing addresses for people anymore.

If you are wanting to send save the dates you should get all of your addresses in line 6 months before the wedding, to send those out.

Invites should be sent about 6-8 weeks before the wedding, but if you sent save the dates you could shorten that a little to 4-6 weeks.

You'll need to get in contact with your invite printer at least a two months before you plan to send them out. If you are handwriting the addresses then don't underestimate the time that will take. I personally need a full month for proofing, printing and adding all the little special details. This isn't something you want rushed through. An invite is the first thing a person will see and it's not very often you get time to plan a first impression... So make it count!