The design process begins after a little chit chat between you and I. During the first consultation we will go over your ideas, themes, colors, flowers, budget and any other little tidbit needed for me to fully understand what your perfect event will be like. I will then spend the next two weeks blending together all your wishes into something you can see. 

The consultation is free. At the end of it you are under no contract to stay with me if you choose to go elsewhere. If you think we're a good fit, then a downpayment will need to be made to reserve your design time.


The next phase is the editing process. We will work together to pinch and pull the design into exactly what you're looking for. The whole reason you came to me was because you wanted something unique. So we'll work till we get there! 

{ Unfortunately, I don't personally know any of the amazing people you'll be listing on your invitation or programs, so spelling errors are up to you to catch. If I notice anything fishy, I'll be sure to run it past you. }


Now that we've got the hard stuff out of the way. It's time to give your final OK!

It should be known that I'm a stickler on approvals.  You're not only approving the design, you're approving the quantity, colors, price and due date. Any changes made after the final approval will result in additional costs and can even delay when you will receive them. 


For the next 2-3 weeks I will spend my time printing, cutting, glueing, folding and assembling all your beautiful Invitations. For smaller orders this time will be shorter, which will be discussed during your consultation.

( If you have a fast approaching deadline, then I am totally willing to work with you to meet it. However, rush fees may apply due to expedited shipping of paper and materials.)


Now that everything is complete, it's your turn! The only thing left for you to do is lick the envelopes...
which might make for some quality bonding time between you and your significant other!

Final payment is expected on delivery.